Tim the tool guy right here once more bringing you any other adventure in domestic improvement. This time supplying a step by step manual for any do it yourself task whilst your own home has an sudden leak coming from the ceiling interior your home. One of the first mind while you first word moisture, a water spot, of hear that dripping sound while ever it rains is that somewhere on your roof there simply perhaps a crack, a small hollow in which a roofing nail was once or a few lacking caulk across the flashing around the roof vents. In any case looking for simply in which that leak is coming from for your roof is like finding a needle in a haystack. In different phrases an impossible challenge to find simply where that crack or hollow is on one’s roof.

There are many alternatives to recollect while one is confronted in preventing in addition water damage internal one’s domestic due to a leaky roof. The most obvious one is the idea that the roof is vintage and it might be in need of a complete alternative. That’s the maximum luxurious choice. One with a view to value well over $five,000 or greater depending at the square pictures of your roof. For lots of us in particular us senior residents dwelling on Social Security that isn’t the option. The nice hazard to get rid of any leaks, protect domestic and at the same time if you occur to stay in a warm weather consisting of Florida maintain your indoors cool on those extraordinarily warm and humid days is to use a silicone water evidence barrier over the whole roof.

With the arrival of brand new silicone roofing technology they have got give you diverse sealants that might extra less costly and more sensible to use at once for your roof instead of a complete roof restore. Through due diligence and research on the numerous kinds of silicone sealers I recommend Eterna-Lote S-one hundred. From all the guidelines there are this one is by far the fine desire for any form of roof. You can order it online but, for sheer persuade and cost Home Depot consists of this emblem. They say timing is the whole thing for I turned into just lucky enough to be at Home Depot when they had Eterna-Lote S-one hundred on sale. Originally a five gallon bucket could value a bit over $2 hundred but it become marked right down to $70. The rectangular photos of my roof required two five gallon drums of this sealant. A a long way better charge than had I opted to update my roof. Besides there is a 50 year guarantee. What a deal.

There definitely isn’t always much to do as soon as you’ve got the essential gadget wanted to finish the challenge handy in applying this sealant to your roof. 5 gallons covers pretty much 500 rectangular toes no primer wished. What I recommend for a unmarried story residing is an 8ft. Ladder, and extendable roller cope with with a paint curler designed for hard surfaces considering our roof is a rolled out shingled roof. Next you’ll want an empty 5 gallon bucket. Once you have got those vital tools utility is straightforward to do.

One other phrase of caution is to check the climate forecast earlier than applying. For fine results your roof should be dry and free of any particles. If any rain is inside the forecast wait until there is at the least two days of warm dry climate earlier than and after making use of this sealant. What I did become wait till the weather turned into a balmy sunny sixty five levels. And in Florida during the wintry weather months sixty five degree days are quite common. I commenced with emptying 2 gallons of Eterna into the empty 5 gallon bucket giving me clean get right of entry to to boost it up on to the roof. This is because I am no longer Hercules any longer and five gallons of this sealant weighs just about one hundred lbs. So sporting that weight up my ladder might were a large chore, to say the least.

Having a slow pitched A frame roof it is pretty smooth to transport round with none safety traces. Just be careful when you come near any edge. That is why having this extended roller cope with got here in handy. Starting in the returned of he residence I proceeded to roll this sealant protecting the roof, easing my way closer to the front. Two and a half of gallons of sealant blanketed 1/4 of my roof floor. Four hours later exhausted from all the non forestall software I in the end finished. It became around three:45 PM pretty much the time the commands stated that" for nice outcomes do not apply after four PM." All I had to do now turned into smooth up.

Clean up is quite clean Paint thinner is the nice choice to smooth your roller and any drops of sealant that just befell to splatter on your self. I wasn’t so fortunate even though I look down and my legs were splattered with sealant. I probable had more sealant on me than on some elements of my roof. Just kidding though. Anyway with a easy fabric and paint thinner I controlled smooth up what ever mess I made.

The moment of fact arrived to look how powerful this roofing sealant clearly is days latter. It became round in the morning and rain started pouring down. Wind gusts surpassed 50 mph and for 4 hours riding rain pounded the roof. Somewhere at some point of that point two big tree branches broke off landing just quick of our out of doors kitchen just missing the roof. Through all of it not a drop got here through our ceiling. Our house became secure and dry.

So when you have a leak someplace coming out of your ceiling and also you realize it is not coming from an upstairs toilet it could handiest come from a crack or leak someplace on your roof. Instead of changing your roof Tim the tool man recommends Eterna-kote S-a hundred ultra silicone sealant for your roofing upkeep even if you happen to locate in which that leak is coming from. It works. Tim the tool man signing off until the following time.

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