three.1 The Game and the Uses

3.2 Types of Squeeze Page

3.3 It is a Useful Trap

3.4 Types of Offer

3.5 Call to Action

3.6 The Practicals

3.7 The Process



A squeeze page is a web web page with a shape, in which you collect e-mail addresses (and in all likelihood names) of your prospects for in addition interactions with them on your try to lure and persuade them to do commercial enterprise with you in the close to or distant future.

There are two possible aspects to a squeeze page:

– The idea of what it should be and

– The exercise of really placing it up on-line.

In a terrific display of brevity I will contact each factors in this discussion.


– To highlight the importance of a squeeze web page to any web-primarily based enterprise

– To encourage newbies to practice the technique of putting in place his/her squeeze web page

– To offer sources that may ease the getting to know system and shorten the studying curve.


three.1 The Game and the Uses

If you have got been online for any duration of time, you could do not forget touring a website and after a while a software seem from seemingly nowhere asking you to your Name and Email so they can ship a present in your e mail container.

That web page changed into a squeeze page on show!

It is known as a squeeze page for two motives:

  1. It is use to get (squeeze) the customers’ information (names and emails) via the income funnel to the touchdown page.
  2. It is also use to get (squeeze) the prospects’ electronic mail addresses out of them for future advertising and marketing activities

More frequently than not the experience can be pretty stressful, however the prospects are pacified with a cautiously preselected and matching presents a good way to flawlessly tranquilize all his/her annoyances whilst at the identical time fulfilling his interest without spending a dime facts (or on occasion loose products/offerings are used as bait items) approximately positive niche of his interest.

3.2 Types of Squeeze Page

There are three maximum popular kinds of squeeze web page particularly:

  1. Static squeeze web page – the maximum not unusual, static and novices’ pleasant, in terms of value, visible on most web sites
  2. Pop up squeeze web page – a bit costly, and the
  3. Splash squeeze page – a surprisingly expert software

There are all plug-ins which are used to collect human beings’s emails for advertising purposes and the layout of preference all relies upon on you and the cash at your disposal in addition to the speed you need to accumulate your list.

If you’re using WordPress CMS to run your internet site, there are a lot of these plugins which can be free to apply. Even if you aren’t the use of WordPress, most of them can nonetheless be adaptable to other content material management software like Wix, Joomla and Google Blogger.

Squeeze page is such an crucial tool inside the management of your website and no serious, expert, and skilled website owner will ever make the mistake of ignoring its use.

Next time you visit a website, look around to see if it has this curious advertising device.

If no longer, depart the internet site as quickly as feasible.

Reason: the website online is owned via an Amateur – won’t have a good deal to provide than buy, buy, purchase…

Some website even visit the volume of including a timer and a counter to encourage their prospects to join up as quickly as feasible; and in view of the overpowering facts on such webpages, this easily robs the traffic of any resistance.

three.3 It is a Useful Trap

Before setting up the squeeze page, you may have prepared the offer and shop it up someplace so that your purchaser can be REDIRECTED to them as quickly as they finish the signup system.

It is this offers that you promote it to your squeeze (sign-up) page that will act as a subtle bait to induce your possibilities to be willing to provide out his electronic mail/call and in so doing, you successfully trap their addresses for in addition enterprise deals and subsequent comply with up.

Generally, the content material of the squeeze page must now not be too many to keep away from distractions, simple and minimally bulleted points is suggested.

Remember to constantly upload a feel of urgency and likely scarcity and your (so to say) entice turns into very magnetic and effective.

3.4 Types of Offer

You can use any of the items listed below as an offer to inspire your prospects to sign on. It all depends on you and the form of on line business which you are promoting.

But it’s far noteworthy that your provide have to fit your enterprise model in any other case your unsubscribe fee will hit the roof. It is also a good idea to setup your provide so that you can ONLY get it through their emails and now not as a video or downloads which they could without problems get right of entry to elsewhere. This manner, you will look more professional, successful and much less scammy.

The commonplace kind of gives are:

  1. Newsletter
  2. Sample product
  3. Email path
  4. eBook
  5. Video Course, and many others.

The closing three have the best signup charges although all of it depends for your target niche markets. From my revel in on some of my web sites, I also endorse adding any of the social squeeze page and as a minimum a video to growth your signups. This opinion may be disputed via a few internet masters, but as cited above, I help the idea for apparent reasons.

3.Five Call to Action

Again I say, continually include a completely precise but social name to action for your squeeze web page


  1. Send Me My Free Tips is better than Submit your Name and Email
  2. Sign Me Up is better than Sign Up Here
  3. Get Instant Access is higher than Join Here
  4. Give Me Access is better than Subscribe Here

3.6 The Practicals

I am now going to speak approximately the realistic component of putting in place your squeeze web page and concentrated on.

It is crucial to mention right here that Targeting is extra critical than some other component else.

Suffice it to say that earlier than you even begin the technique of putting in place your squeeze page you need to ask and solution the subsequent query for your self:

  1. Which market am I focused on?

  2. Who are my expected target market?

When I am focused on Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Bloggers who need to take their business on-line, I realize my audience are in general inexperienced persons – younger college leavers, WASCE, Diplomas, HNDs, Graduates, Retirees, 5 years before Retirement, Underemployed Employees, BYO Boss aspirants, and Unemployed.

The nice offers for them are eBooks and ecourses, and many others.

I goal one-of-a-kind institution of target audience after I am promoting a Software.

3.7 The Process

As for the setup, it’s far the handiest thing to do specially when you make a decision on the particular listing builder (autoresponder) that you intend to use. There are plethora of information on their web sites to help you try this like in a bliss.

You ought to additionally first determine as a learner whether or not you intend to begin with a paid model or a loose model to research the gowns.

The most popular ones are Aweber, MailChimp, etc. As cited within the previous courses. Their guides on installation are easy to comply with.


With cutting-edge software program squeeze page may be set up by using absolutely everyone who isn’t a Techie. Only acquire the assets, hunch down and learn the grade by grade technique.


In this lesson we included the importance of a squeeze web page to any on-line enterprise venture. We additionally emphasized the reality that all and sundry who desires to set up his/her on line enterprise in this kind of way so one can assure profitability inside the shortest viable time, need to location one signup shape at the least on the home web page of his website.


THE PRACTICE: Sign up with any autoresponder of your desire and get a code.

Use that code in your website to create a squeeze web page.

What is the distinction between A SQUEEZE PAGE and an AUTORESPONDER?

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