Losing your job to circumstances outside of your control is a devastating feeling. It’s important to realize that millions of people are in the same situation as you. While unemployment can be disorienting, it’s important to focus on the health and wellness of ourselves and families during these tumultuous times. Taking the proper steps is important during the onset of unexpected job loss. Filing for unemployment should not be considered taboo. Thousands of highly educated and highly skilled workers are out of work as consumers, who also suffered from job loss, are being more financially conservative. Making sure our families are taken care of should always be a priority.

While we are waiting to hear back from job applications, it’s important to find ways to improve ourselves. When the world knocks us down, it’s important to get back onto our feet and fight back. Even setbacks have their opportunities. This unexpected joblessness doesn’t have to be all gloom. It is the perfect opportunity to bolster our resumes.

Learn a New Skill

Even if your job is likely to return when your former company is in better financial standing, using the time you are out of work to learn a new skill is a fruitful use of your time when the world can feel defeated. It might be the time to pursue the online degree you have been putting off because of work obligations or perceived lack of time. A new skill can set you apart from the millions of other applicants who also lost their jobs due to Covid-19. Learning new skills increases your marketability and shows employers the grit you have during adversity, a quality highly regarded by employers.

It also might be beneficial to learn a skill that will be in demand in the future. Web design is a field that has been growing and is projected to grow over the next ten years. Companies are dependent on a useful design that caters to the needs of the customer while driving online purchases or customers to visit physical locations.

UX/UI designers are responsible for various roles in the vision, research, and creation of websites that engage customers and produce results. UX, which stands for user experience, often researches users, thinks like the customer, and performs tests on current websites to determine the web page’s success and weakness.

How to Learn Web Design

It might seem like learning a skill such as a web design could take years to go back to college to get all the necessary skills, but there are quicker ways. Coding bootcamps offer motivated learners the opportunity to learn web design in a few months. Colleges haven’t been able to meet the demand for UX/UI designers, and bootcamps have filled the gap. A college degree isn’t necessary to learn these skills, and many companies, even top names like Amazon and Apple, hire from bootcamps. Bootcamps take learners from no coding skills to work-ready by building professional portfolios and working on real-life problems.

Thinkful is one such bootcamp. They offer in-person and online classes to meet the needs of learners. They offer classes in large cities around the country. Thinkful is a good fit for learning UX/UI design in a matter of months or at your own pace. They are even flexible with how you pay for the course. Thinkful offers deferred payments until you get a job or income-sharing agreements for after you land a web design job earning a minimum salary.

Looking to the Future

It’s important to keep looking to the future during times of hardship. Current woes can often bring us down and lower our outlook on our potential. Keeping a growth mindset and looking towards the future are effective ways to keep yourself from being bogged down by negative thoughts. A new career in web design will allow you to pursue a career path that has growth opportunities. Web designers use multiple skills to understand users and make products that fit their needs. These employees are both creative and critical thinkers.

As you think of taking the next steps, you might wonder if coding bootcamps are worth it. They are hard work, but the end result is a career that is growing and will likely survive any future pandemics or economic downturns.

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