Sometimes, we hear that someone who does not have any previous playing history and lotto numbers experience has won the biggest prized jackpot in a lottery. He has become millionaire in a single night. Is it not surprising that one who has never purchased a lottery ticket or who does not have any playing history is hitting the highest jackpot? Definitely, it is. This is just his luck. But it does not happen all the times. People have to try again and again to win but even then most of the people do not win.

It is common concept that winning lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions depend on consistency and keen observation on previous winning combinations of lotto numbers. It is true to some extent. But the above case is an exceptional one where only luck has worked. So we can say that both luck and intelligence is necessary for winning a lottery.

When we talk about intelligence, one should not be expert in math. Just basic knowledge of lotto numbers can also work, if used carefully. One should have clear concept about odd and even lotto numbers and way of their addition and subtraction. This is a simple skill that we use in our daily life when we are out for shopping. Using this skill, one can predict which combination is going to be next winner.

How to use MylottoApp lotto numbers generator

Applying your basic knowledge of numbers, design your picks. A lot of websites are available that can help you understand the number games. You can also visit our website that allows you to experience the best lotto apps. It’s generating two-dimensional and you can select odd/even numbers.

It is suggested to select your lotto numbers with utmost care.

Never choose all even or odd lotto numbers.

Similarly, sequential numbers having same ending like 2, 12, 22, 32 and so on can never make you hit the Lottery jackpot. In this case, generate other lotto numbers.


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