#10 Reason – Fun and Educational

In 140 characters and a graphic, you get a tidbit of records and an opportunity to have some amusing with #hashtags @someoneyouknow.

#nine Reason – Gaming Your Business Options Increase Profit

You get to share the gaming growth currently popular and make a profit at the same time.

#8 Reason – Celebrities and Emotional Overload

Everyone appreciates the celeb connection of social media, and how else would you connect your business to the loss of life of a STAR? You get to maximise the emotional overload of the hour, by using imparting condolences, or celebrating with the winners.

#7 Reason – LOL Your Way to Friendship

Comment LOL on someone’s funny Tweet and see if they do not like and follow you lower back? It’s a brief and easy manner to make the relationship.

#6 Reason – Network with Friends for Career Advancement

Know any person at NASA? You likely realize a person who does. ASk your friends, and observe their pals listing to find connections, the ask for an introduction? Or be part of a collection.

#5 Reason – Locate New Resources and Connections

Who shared a link you clicked? Did it assist you with your enterprise or clear up a private hassle? Did you meet someone you would possibly never have met without social media? Those connections be counted.

#4 Reason – Share Your Amazing Life in Pictures

You’d assume your niche would locate you without the graphic elements and blogging, however I’ll inform ya, in case you proportion it in pix, blog approximately it, and tweet your places every so often, your marketplace will discover you. They will purchase from you. They will make you money.

#three Reason – Inspire New Trends

You will be the one who conjures up the subsequent trend… Imagine being the primary one to touch upon Starbucks Red Cup Marketing Trend? Or the primary to re-tweet Trump’s next steak dinner? You may be well-known and inspire developments that capture on and make you well-known. What a BRAND declaration!

#2 Reason – Better Informed About Best Real Deals

You’d suppose with get entry to to the arena thru a seek engine you’ll recognize approximately the whole thing that happens in actual time, however in case you’re on social media, chances are you recognize earlier than it happens. Get and share the pleasant REAL offers and you’ll usually be higher knowledgeable.

#1 Reason – Meet People and Stay Connected in the World

Can’t find an antique high college chum? I guess he’s on social media… Maybe connect to half of your class, or other military mothers, or discover your area of interest after which manipulate your connections. Don’t you want to realize who is going to the reunion, the Bahamas, or the Mountains? Check it out on Twitter, or Facebook it!

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