Looking for a career change amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? Well, you’re not alone. If you are looking to capitalize on the extra space created by the recent pandemic as a means to reevaluate your career trajectory, then you need to consider the tech industry.

The tech industry is still growing rapidly, even during these tough times. We are discussing two things in this article. First, we will talk about how you can learn the coding skills necessary to succeed in tech. Second, we will discuss the top three highest-paying tech careers. Let’s get started.

Coding Bootcamps

You really only have two options to gain the necessary coding skills that are required for just about any career in the tech industry. You can earn a two or four-year traditional degree, or you can choose the much faster, and hands-on avenue of a coding bootcamp.

Through the traditional education route, you can go for a two-year degree program through a community college, or you can get a four-year university-level degree. Both of these options are available through online means.

The problem with the traditional education route is that you end up paying for classes that have nothing do with tech, let alone coding. You are required to take elective courses in humanities or life sciences. This is true even for programs through online universities like the University of Phoenix or Southern New Hampshire University.

Coding bootcamps are intensive and immersive programs that teach you the necessary programming languages that are used in the specific tech career you are going after. This means that you won’t learn software engineering languages in a web design bootcamp. The specialized and hands-on nature of coding bootcamps means that you will be set up for success for a career in tech the moment you finish your program.


Due to the intensive nature of full-time coding bootcamps, you may find it hard to work while enrolled in your program. Due to this, many codings schools like Galvanize offer income-sharing agreements, also called ISAs. An ISA is a bulk student loan designed with career switchers in mind.

An ISA not only covers your tuition expenses, but also provides a living allowance for you and your family’s needs. This loan is an investment made by your coding school. This loan is repaid through monthly installments after you graduate, but only after you have acquired a well-paying programming job. ISA repayment plans are also based on your salary. This means that you won’t go broke trying to repay your loan. This also means that it is in your coding school’s best interest to make sure that you are well prepared for the tech job market.

Let’s talk about those high paying tech careers.

Software Engineering

Software engineers build the software that you are likely using right now. Internet browsers, email, business and personal organization applications, media players—all of these are built by software engineers. A software engineering coding bootcamp will teach you the programming languages of Ruby, SQL, and Python. These are the main programming languages that are used for the programming of desktop-based software.

Software engineers make a well deserved average salary of $85,000 per year. After a few years, you can expect to make $130,000 per year.


Looking for an exciting tech career? Then you should join the ranks of cybersecurity professionals. In this career, you will be tasked with safeguarding the private data and information of the company and its customers. You will code the programming languages of C++ and PHP. How many other careers pay you to break into your employer’s system? That’s exactly what you will be doing as a cybersecurity pro—building security systems, and trying to break into them to expose weak points.

Cybersecurity professionals make an average salary of $92,000 per year.

Data Science

A data science career consists of building data collection systems that pull in data on consumers for a business. You may also collect data internally, on employees. This data is then used to improve business processes whether it’s for sales or HR. Data scientists build their data collection systems in Java and Scala. They then organize their data in databases like MongoDB.

The average salary for a data scientist in the US is $96,000 per year.

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