Who Am I?

My name is Dragos Spataru, I am an engineer with a Ph.D. in neural networks and I have had some great inventions, among which the two-dimensional generation.
I designed some applications that use this two-dimensional generation and they behave exactly as in real life.
Two-dimensional generation will change the strategy of generating random numbers worldwide.

Why two-dimensional generation?

Because each ball is extracted from the ball ot box in a certain time. The time must be used in the extraction of balls and then we have a drawing that behaves exactly as in real life. In reality, statistics have been that certain numbers come together. My two-dimensional code behaves the same way.
Roulette, dice, playing cards, lotto generator and absolutely everything that involves generating numbers online must use this unique code.



Why does this generation have to be implemented worldwide?

Because at the moment there are many websites and software that can predict the numbers generated on-line and they can cause serious financial damage.
For example, some websites has a software designed by them and can predict certain numbers generated online. It is quite normal.
Very important: no software or website can predict the numbers created by two-dimensional generation. It is impossible to estimate the future numbers.

Worldwide implementation.

At the moment I am looking for partners with financial strength for association, cooperation or purchase of the two-dimensional code for its worldwide implementation.

Two-dimensional app sales:

  • Lotto Winner for Powerball 42%
  • Lotto Winner for Mega Millions 8%
  • Lotto Winner for EuroMillions 7%
  • Lotto Winner for UK Lotto 6/59 7%
  • Other apps 36%

Other projects:

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